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Exclusive Interview with Coach Krwana Salah in Ahly-now.com


My Name Krwana Salah

I am graduate from  Management Information Systems I am play sport for 2 years every day because This My hobby and make positive energy for playing sport I take course  Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, , nutrition , massage and Have IATD – Training –

I am now working sport trainer for 3 years and Make Bellydance, Tabata , TRX , pilates

Benefits of Belly Dance

Low Impact Form of Exercise Helps in Losing Weight Reducing Stress Levels and Dance Helps in

Preparing for muscles Bone Density Increases

Tabata, TRX

benefits muscles and joints, promoting strength, power, and stability throughout your entire body. What is Pilates

Pilates is a method of whole body exercise designed to improve daily activities and livelihood.

Benefits of Pilates It increases core strength It increases energy It decreases stress It improves flexibility and mobility It improves balance It improves sleep .

Listen to your body Work with a coach or trainer Focus on Recovery . Keep a training journal Find Your Community Communicate


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